This year starts with a lot of love and thankfulness for all of you.

And it starts with something very new in my life: I will be a mother soon. Apart from some Yoga Classes and Sessions, that I am still teaching, I am already now wishing you a lot of fun in the Classes with Miri and Franzi and am looking forward meeting you soon again!



Let's be in touch and practice together.

We are currently working on our ONLINE Program to be in contact with you and the new Program for next year. 2020 has been challenging in many ways and surprisingly refreshing in all its twists and turns...

We try our best to keep updating everything (website, our online offer, and much more) during our limited time for offering you some hours of movement and stillness, for connecting and sharing.


We have decided to take it slowly to create everything on a stable and thoughtful ground. Being able to take the time needed without rushing, making our decisions with a clear mind and not loosing the connection to our hearts is what we care for.


Therefore you are invited to grow with us and experience that everything is a process and mastery is not something inherited, but something that you slowly grow into. 

We happily take you step by step with us on our journey to be in touch and come closer to who you truly are. 

We invite you to become part of our community. Join us on Instagram, FB. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel, visit our website regularly and become a member or subscribe to our newsletter for being up to date. It is your choice how you want to participate and be in touch with us. 


We are happy to meet you and be there for you. And we are looking forward seeing you soon.


Your BE IN TOUCH Team. 

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