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Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace.





Start your personal journey of healing.

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Health and happiness are just around your corner. Come by for your first Somatic Coaching Session to embark on your personal journey of healing.

This intense version of Body-Work will level up your awareness and transform patterns or symptoms in your body, mind, and life. Many pains and aches, many fears and blockages don't need to be a source of suffering but can be a source of great strength and personal growth. All of us have their history and carry their wounds and all of us have the possibility to choose whether we turn into victims or take any challenge along the way as another chance to learn something about us, about this world, about life. This November +December a few people can sign up every month for an "Intensive Process" and make another step towards a happier life. There is deep silence, an enormous strong resource of health and happiness in all of us.

You will have 2 personal one-on-one sessions per day with a minimum break of 4 hours between the sessions over a period of 4-5 days.

Additional you will get exercises, reflection, impulses if it supports the process. (This is very individual for each person, each topic and will be decided according to the needs showing up in the sessions to support you as much as possible.)

Your aim can be that you would like to transform a symptom or habit pattern that makes you suffer in any way.

I am looking forward to accompanying many life-changing processes!

See you soon




Until I am back from my maternity leave feel free to contact me in person and we will see if we find a slot or if I can recommend a colleague of mine to you.





FEE for 2 Sessions per day are the following:






If possible take time off for yourself during the period of intense work as your body may need good rest. Dedicate this time for yourself only.


Since more than 10 years I accompany people who are eager to create sustainable change in their lives. Most of my clients approach me with issues that are limiting their quality of life on a daily basis.

This ranges from acute pain and panic attacks to permanent pain after accidents or operations, or the loss of somebody close, addictions, burn-out syndrome, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of concentration, lack of clarity and trust, doubtfulness, sleeping disorders, chronic diseases like migraine or sciatica issues, herniated disks, digestion disorders, emotional instability, limiting emotional and behavior pattern like anger attacks, depression, passive aggressiveness or simply the wish to finally close with repeating the same situation in relationships with parents, friends and lovers.


My passion and profession are to guide people to their inherent resources of health and happiness. Since more than 20 years I follow this passion for learning with and through the body. I work as a Somatic Coach, Counselor and Yoga Teacher in Vienna and Asia. In my groups and retreats, you will not only be guided into the healing technics but feel the depth of really being touched deeply in who you are.










RAUM für NEUES is a co-working space, founded by Barbara Probst and Daniela Razocher in 2013. It is a little quiet oasis above the roofs of Vienna in the city centre near the Volksoper. 

RAUM für NEUES offers its visitors a wide range of possibilities of somatic coaching. A group of practitioners work daily in personal sessions with clients on their physical, emotional and psychological needs in order to support them on their way to health and well-being. Apart from this, you can find Yoga-Classes, Workshops, Lectures, Community gatherings and much more.


The place has 2 big working rooms of around 25m2 each, a spacious entrance area, a big bathroom, toilet and kitchen/office.






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I always find it inspiring what people have to say about the offers, places, courses I am also interested in, so here I share some testimonials that I have received during my work with clients.



"Barbara is a wonderful person. She looks at you, feels, picks you up where you are and goes with you on your journey. Each of her treatments is a gift to yourself. Always, always gladly! Thank you for your wonderful work!"



"Barbara is a person you should meet! You can learn so much. Such a big heart, so much power, so wonderful!"


"You go in, lie down, learn to feel the weak points of your body and leave with a smile on your face. Very sensitive and competent treatment. Very recommendable."


"Many things were unclear, my mind was clouded, my gaze very narrow and the pain in my right shoulder hardly bearable. After just a few sessions with Barbara, the pain in my shoulder was gone, new ways of thinking and acting arose in me, the fog cleared up, my gaze widened and suddenly there was room for new emotions and wishes. Whether I was angry, sad or happy, Barbara accompanied me and always gave me confidence and stability! Even today, when things get tight and exhausting, maybe even painful, I hear her say to me: Julia, breath and let go slowly!"



"I was with Barbara for a long time weekly as a client and every single session did me a lot of good. After a longer break, I decided to come for an Intensive Process. That means 10 sessions in 5 days. I was curious what to expect. It was an intensive week for me. During the last of the 10 sessions Barbara worked almost exclusively over my head without touching me and my perception was so sharpened that I felt exactly where she was and what movements her hands were making. I learned how awesome a person's perception can be when he doesn't distract himself with his own thoughts and how exciting every single moment is when you get involved. If you read this and have not had this experience, it is not possible to understand what I mean. In the long run, I have learned to let my thoughts become silent when I want them to. If it's very quiet in the head, you have almost no worries and are fully in the moment. A bit like a child who can be happy about little things that don't matter at all to blunted adults."





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