Respect and honor your body. Give yourself full permission to rest completely, and avoid anything that depletes the fragile post-natal body.

YOGA after giving BIRTH


8. NOVEMBER 2020

Use yoga wisely, to nurture and replenish your energy reserves.

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Take time for yourself: Your body needs this time to recover and regain strength. Learn the simple exercises for your little daily routine with or without your baby. 

Every woman who manages to take care of her own well-being after giving birth is investing in her future health. Yoga helps every woman in different ways. In this workshop, we will invest time and awareness primarily for bodily areas and functions that now have to gain back strength such as the pelvic floor and abdomen. There are a number of certain things to be taken care of in order to safely balance your body again after pregnancy. 


All women who just have experienced an abortion (natural or through surgery) or those of you who have lost their child are warmly welcome. A circle of women (also including newborn babies) is very powerful and may help you to heal the wounds, that need to be taken care of right now. Your body and soul needs the same kind of Yoga-Practice as a woman who just gave birth.


This workshop will be conducted by Barbara.

Usually at the end Irina will introduce you to Carrying Methods and why it is such a beautiful thing for Binding with your little one. She is on maternity leave now, that's why we will close with tea an some little snacks this time.







     10 am - Welcome

 10.10am - Overview + Practice with Barbara

12:30 pm - Tee/Snack + Going home