From the Yoga perspective, to be pregnant is to be in this state of ‚union‘ every second of the day.



25. OCTOBER 2020

What may be appropriate at one stage be uncomfortable in another.

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You like Yoga and you are pregnant? No matter if you are new to Yoga or already practicing for many years: Pregnancy and Yoga are a Wellness-Programm for your body and mind during this special time.

Take this little time of 2,5 hours for yourself and learn what you need to know for a safe Yoga practice during pregnancy. Yoga offers you both: Strenght and Relaxation, and both are what you need for your Pregnancy and Delivery.

We will do a Pregnancy-Yoga-Sequence in the beautiful rooms of Raum für Neues or Saint-Charles Complementary followed by tea and an all-over informative presentation on Yoga during pregnancy.


Women who wish to be pregnant or have tried for many years are welcome to this circle of women who carry a baby in their womb. Carefully confronting yourself with your personal history and issues like fears, wounds, maybe sexual abuse may help you to find your way out of the repeating circle of suffering. This takes some courage to join, but your body and soul needs exactly the same love and care as pregnant women need.


This workshop will be conducted by Barbara. Usually we will close the workshop with Irina's introduction to Carrying Methods and why it is such a beautiful thing for Binding with your little one. She is on maternity leave now - so we will close with tea and some snacks this time.







     10 am - Welcome

10.10 am - Overview + Practice with Barbara

12.30 pm - Tee/Snack + Going home