Change is choosing the possibility to let go.

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Start your personal journey of healing.

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The healing and transformative power of body attention were already known by all ancient cultures of this world. Many technics that are now cultivated and taught, find their roots in one of these old teachings or technics. Once we direct our attention to an area or a subject in our life, it gets more of our time, of our thinking, of our breath. As a consequence, it gets more energy to change. Once you become aware, there is no way back. 

We are psychosomatic beings. Any sensation, any symptom, reflects bits and pieces of who we are and what we have gone through, what is still wounded and not digested yet. For our body pain is a pain, no matter if it is heart pain or pain that has occurred to us on a physical level. To our body, fear is fear, no matter if it is from the past and still echoing as if it was real nowadays or from a recent event. 

Entering the path of learning through body attention is a journey that unfolds the nature of life itself to you. There are many ways to learn body attention, my major technics are based on my training as a Grinberg Method Practitioner + Yoga Teacher, as well as the learning that I have gathered through my daily meditation practice since more than 12 years.

The Grinberg Method methodology's basic principle is that practitioners start by looking at the body of the patient. The body - its position, facial expressions, usage of different parts, mobility, symptoms etc. - reflects how we are walking through life. Becoming aware of these specific ways of using our body plays a major role in every process. Most of the time, we are not aware that we create our symptoms - which leads to longer term symptoms. We generally tend to wait for too long before reacting, so long that it is too late for repairing certain functions or parts of the body and mind.

Once we start to look closely, we realize that every symptom or challenging situation gives an indication of what we can learn about how we are dealing with life.