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30.DECEMBER 2020

We have the power to support the well-being of women when we gather.

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(In German + English)


About once a month we invite you and inspiring people for us to the BE IN TOUCH Women's Circle. Every meeting is a gift to you and to your being a woman. A Women's Circle has a very special energy and quality, as there is a unique connection between us women that becomes tangible once we meet. 

In the women's circles, which can be shorter or longer, we want to spend time together on a certain topic, partly practical, partly theoretical, in an exchange. Every woman is given her space, every woman is seen and heard. We meet in respectful love for healing old wounds and for growing in harmony. 

The women's circles are for all women, of all ages and circumstances, who wish to be in contact with other women.

This time Katharina will guide us through a full moon ritual with slow movement, journaling and meditation. The last full moon of this year invites us to look not just at the last lunar cycle but also at the past twelve months; so that we can reflect on what we want to let go and what we want to bring more of into our lives. RELEASE & REFOCUS. We will work together and exchange ideas in a protected and secure space in the digital group.  

Thank you.