Hello, I am Barbara an Awareness and Body Attention Trainer, a Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Therapist.


Since nearly 10 years I accompany people who are eager to create sustainable change in their lives. Most of my clients approach me with issues that are limiting their quality of life on a daily basis.

This ranges from acute pain and panic attacks to permanent pain after accidents or operations, or the loss of somebody close, addictions, burn-out syndrome, anxiety, low self-esteem, lack of concentration, lack of clarity and trust, doubtfulness, sleeping disorders, chronic diseases like migraine or sciatica issues, herniated disks, digestion disorders, emotional instability, limiting emotional and behavior pattern like anger attacks, depression, passive aggressiveness or simply the wish to finally close with repeating the same situation in relationships with parents, friends and lovers.


My path of working in the field of SOMATIC COACHING started with my training as an AYURVEDIC MASSAGIST in 2005 in the green zone of the Himalayas in Dharamsala. There I first came in touch with a holistic system seeing and treating the symptoms (which are visible on the surface) from its roots, including questions about the lifestyle, eating habits, sleeping habits, including the knowledge about the basic potential of a person (in Ayurveda they are called the 3 Doshas).


My further journey allowed me to encounter a Russian Sharman a few years later with whom I have learned the first two degrees in REIKI. Another new world opens up form me - healing the symptoms we suffer from through the subtle anatomy of our body + mind. Recognizing that our body is not ending where our skin, that we are more than we think we are, seemed to be magic.


One thing leads to another and just a year later I was sitting my first "Vipassana Silence Meditation Course". 


With time and more experience in the field of subtle energies and how they are related to all our visible and sensible symptoms we are dealing with, everything started to fall in place. 


In 2011 I have started my training as a GRINBERG METHOD PRACTITIONER, which seemed to be a perfect combination of many of the aspects that I have already learned. This methodology focuses on changing limiting pattern (mental, behavior, emotional and general) which make us suffer. The main target of each session is, that you become friends with your fear and pain, which leads in many of us to an enormous relief in the intensity of pain and the level of how afraid we are of our fears. After having completed this training I was still missing WHY it works and WHY one should do so? What is the bigger context and reason behind our suffering, our relief?


During all the years - even longer - I was and still am a Yogi. In 2016 I officially did my first YOGA TEACHER TRAINING with Prasad Rangnekar, which opened to me a whole spectrum why it makes sense to treat a person in a holistic way including every big or little aspect of his or her life and history: Everything is connected. Yoga has not only made me see that so clearly, but also the basic knowledge about anatomical contexts, the yogic teachings on my way as a trainer are a daily reminder to act respectful, kind, understanding, full of confidence in the abilities of the body + mind of the other person.

In 2017 I have participated in the Teacher Training for Pre- and Postnatal Yoga at Yogawerkstatt Vienna with Romana Delberg and Tina Nirtl, followed by the YTT 300hr in 2018 in India with Prasad Rangnekar.

I am recently trained under the guidance of Prasad Rangnekar and as a Trauma Sensitive Yoga Therapist under the guidance of Joachim Pfahl.

The idea of BE IN TOUCH started in my heart already as a young child. The real project with its own label BE IN TOUCH was born in 2015. It was time for this wish to become visible and create an impact in this world on a wider scope than I can imagine.


This project aims to bring people IN TOUCH with themselves. 


It will offer you inspirations and training to BE IN TOUCH with yourself, your life, the people and things that you love. 


I wish that this project will grow bigger than I am able to think of and move into a direction that is very dear to me: connecting people with themselves and with each other.


The base for this vision will always be YOU in the first place. I want to encourage everybody to start now with your inward journey, create time and space for your personal growth and improvement. And if you need support to reach out for someone who can help. Sometimes we need others to encounter our heart, our deep fears and pains, ourselves. Together we can share, learn and inspire each other.


Having your personal well-being on your priority list number one, BE IN TOUCH wants to contribute in rethinking and acting differently among each other. I'd like to see us moving away from an unhealthy competitive way of working and living together toward a respectfully challenging support system.


This project's purpose is to contribute to an attitude shift where support, respect and the will to listen to each other are the essential basis on which personal growth can flourish.

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