1. general

Subject of these terms and conditions are all offers and services provided by BE IN TOUCH (Barbara Probst + employees) / BE IN TOUCH (independent of place of performance). By using an offer or service or by concluding a membership contract, the user accepts these terms and conditions in all points without reservation.


2. right of use premises

The user can use the premises of BE IN TOUCH and the facilities serving its operation upon presentation of a valid identity card during the training times, observing the house rules. The right of use is not transferable.


3. offer and validity

BE IN TOUCH offers consultations, treatments as well as group lessons and individual trainings, whereby different contract terms and validities have to be considered.

Consultations / Treatments / Individual trainings

Fees for consultations / treatments / individual trainings are due immediately and are valid for one unit. Furthermore, it is possible to combine several treatments in a series (e.g.: 10 treatments) and to purchase them as a package (block of 10).


group lessons

A possible membership contract runs for a certain period of time and ends automatically after the contract period. BE IN TOUCH reserves the right to change the timetable, there is no legal claim to the holding of certain units by the customer. There are different membership contracts (=offers) and 


Running times

Single ticket group lesson

Participation in the units specified for the course period with day and exact time. Courses consist of consecutive 1-1.5H units. Missed units cannot be made up for.


bloc of 10

Participation in 10 units from the timetable valid for the period of 6 months from the day of the first unit used.

Monthly / 30-day ticket Participation in any number of units from the timetable valid for 30 days from the day of first use


Fees for workshops can vary and are valid for one time. Workshops and Trainings are bindingly booked with confirmation of your registration and can be cancelled free of charge up to 2 weeks before the date. Short-term cancellations (prevention, illness, etc.) will be charged according to the following conditions: less than 7 days before the workshop date: 100%.


If you find someone to take your place, the amount of  the workshop will be withheld until the other person has transferred it. After that you will get back the total amount.


Fees for retreats can vary and are valid for one time. Retreats are bindingly booked with confirmation of your registration and can be cancelled free of charge up to 8 weeks before the date.


The deposit will not be refunded in case of a cancelation and also be invoiced in arrears. If cancellation happens 2 month before the start and you have already payed the full amount for the retreat you will receive back 50% .

If cancellation happens after the amount of the accommodation will be retrained, be invoiced in arrears and not refunded. You receive the balance..

If you cancel 1 month before the retreat or during your stay, there will be no refund. Also a verbal fixed promise is binding (under the above mentioned conditions) and will be charged in case of cancellation.

If you find someone to take your place, the amount of  the retreat will be withheld until the other person has transferred it. After that you will get back the total amount.

4. terms of payment

The agreed membership fee (group hours) or the fee (treatments / consultations / individual training) is collected in advance for the following contract period by payment with cash machine, credit card on site or online or paid into the account of BE IN TOUCH. The non-use of the services does not entitle to deductions. Default of payment shall occur if the claim is not settled within a set period. Any processing fees and legal reminder fees shall be borne in full by the member / the customer. In case of default of payment, BE IN TOUCH is also entitled to terminate the contract without notice.


5 Liability of BE IN TOUCH

The liability of BE IN TOUCH and its employees for personal injury, financial loss and material damage is limited to intent and gross negligence. BE IN TOUCH is not liable in the event of loss of clothing, valuables or money brought along. BE IN TOUCH shall not be liable for the consequences of improperly performed treatments or consultations; in particular, BE IN TOUCH shall also not be liable for consultations or treatments provided by rented companies/persons on the premises of BE IN TOUCH. BE IN TOUCH is also not liable for the consequences of improperly performed exercises in group lessons and individual training sessions. Short-term cancellations of group lessons / treatments / consultations / individual trainings for special reasons do not entitle to a reduction of the membership fee or termination, provided that the schedule of BE IN TOUCH is essentially kept. The same applies to changes to the timetable, which are at the sole discretion of the operators of BE IN TOUCH.


 6. health status of the member/customer

The member / the customer assures not to suffer from an infectious disease and that there are no medical indications against the execution of the exercises and/or the receipt of treatments / consultations. The member / the customer undertakes to inform the trainer / teacher / treating employee or the operator of BE IN TOUCH before the start of the group lesson / treatment / consultation / individual training of a pregnancy, a chronic illness, a disease of the musculoskeletal system.


7. house rules

The member / the customer has to follow the instructions of the employees of BE IN TOUCH. The house rules must be observed. BE IN TOUCH is entitled to terminate the member / customer without notice in the event of a gross violation of house rules, the rules of decency or the general hygiene regulations. In this case, the premium already paid will not be refunded. Claims for damages remain unaffected by this.


8 Data protection regulations

Member / customer data will be treated confidentially and will not be passed on to third parties.