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I connect.
I give.
I love.

Women Circles

Women's Circle, women meeting in a circle, comes from an ancient tradition that has been lived and practiced in various ways across cultures and religions since the beginning of time. Women sit together in a circle to share their grief, their hardships and their successes, to support each other in work and healing, or simply to laugh and dance together. In many cases, the circle meetings are connected to the cycle of the moon or menstruation.

With the development of modern Western life, living outside the extended family and village life, many of us have become disconnected from a very valuable sources of health and well-being (on many levels) - the power of a community. But we can consider ourselves lucky, that nowadays we can choose the community which is nourishing and health-supporting for us.

In the Women's Circle or Shakti Circle, women meet with openness and mutual appreciation. Sitting in a circle, women collectively create a space in which they can speak freely and openly from the heart, while others listen to them without interrupting or offering advice to the one speaking. It is a wonderful experience to be truly seen, heard and understood, which is what we all need.

In this way we re-discover during these gatherings, new ways of speaking: of trusting to be heard, of truly listening attentively ourselves, and of connecting with others.

Being in a Women's Circle is a precious gift to you, where you can learn a lot of valuable things about your life. I believe that every woman is longing for such a heart encounter, but most of us only know it once we have experienced it.

I am looking forward gathering in a Red Tent Women Circle together with you soon.

No upcoming events at the moment

The challenges and possibilities that we are facing as women and mothers.

Throughout history women gathering or outstandingly emancipated women were oppressed, punished, or even murdered.

Its commonly known, that women in ancient times were very often familiar with the power of healing plants, helping each other while giving birth, caring about the ones in need and supporting the whole community, by merging their abilities into a collective strength.

From prehistoric times until now, history shows the religious or political rules and visions of men either supported or forbid women to tap into their unique power. 

We are still fighting for equal rights, for being heard and seen in our needs as a woman. Many of us are single mums, highly stressed, to reach a certain level in their carrier or to manage job and family well.

We try to pack all tasks under one umbrella: Being a professional, being a loving partner and mum, taking care of the kids, caring about the connections with our families, friends and community. Asides we have to look pretty and be clever. On top we want to be healthy, full of esprit and energy. 

We have to be in a way a person with supernatural powers. And yes we have a lot of power, but we are still human. Very often we feel overwhelmed by the expectations that we and others put on ourselves. Sometimes there a phases in life, when we feel exhausted, sad or worried. This is when we need support and someone who just listens without judging.

Many women are suffering from depression, loneliness, and anxiety, and a Women Circle is a ritual that is literally designed to combat that. Looking at all the recent research for proof of the health-protective power of strong social connections, my dream that doctors and therapists subscribe or even host themselves Women Circles is one that would be very touching to witness. We can serve many among us in need, by using this simple set-up.

Who wouldn't want his or her women, wife or partner, mum, teenage girl or grandmother to be happy and healthy?

"I participated in Barbara's Prenatal-workshop and left feeling so empowered for what is yet to come in my pregnancy. We ran through how to better understand your pregnancy by connecting with body, mind and spirit as we venture through this beautiful journey. I could not have asked for a more personal, insightful and thoughtful workshop. From pregnancy yoga basics to diet, nutrition and self-care,
Barbara explained the most important aspects of what to come in an understandable way but with a breadth of knowledge behind it.
Not only did we connect, share tea and learn much about what's to come, Barbara also left us with a very detailed brochure with everything we'd discussed and more. I could not recommend this workshop more highly.
Thanks, Barbara!"
Sarah, Australia

We listen with our hearts, we meet in respect for the other.

Every Women's Circle carries a wonderful power that nourishes and protects everyone in the circle. To ensure that this power is preserved and experienced at every meeting, it is important to respect a common framework. For this purpose, Circle Keepers all over the world have compiled the collected experiences from hundreds of Circles and formulated Circle Agreements based on them. 

Before the beginning of each Circle meeting, we remember these agreements and only those who fully agree to them are invited to participate in the Circle.

These agreements help to create a free and deep exchange, a space of mutual respect and compassion.

  • We speak from the heart, honestly and sincerely.

  • We ask for what we need and give what we can give.

  • We take responsibility for ourselves and support each other in doing the same. 

  • We listen attentively and with our hearts, in an attitude of empathy and appreciation.

  • We do not comment, judge or give advice.

  • What is said in the circle remains confidential and is never brought out into the open.

Sometimes the wish arises in a circle meeting to add further points to the agreements, which is agreed upon together with the participants. 


I release.
I heal.
I let go.

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