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Your spirit as a woman has all the knowledge and power you need to give birth and to nurture your body.





Becoming a mother is a journey to your innermost essence.

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Yoga helps each woman during pregnancy and after giving birth in different ways. It is important that you take your time to discover what you enjoy and what brings the most benefit. Understanding your own response will help you to build your own practice.


There are a few restrictions and important aspects to consider for your practice during these special times in your life. As your body and life will be changing, your Yoga practice has to be adjusted according to these transformations. The intention of Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Introduction Workshops is to provide you with a firm foundation from which to practice with confidence those elements of yoga that are most appropriate and beneficial for you during pregnancy and after giving birth. 




Yoga after

giving Birth



I always find it inspiring what people have to say about the offers, places, courses I am also interested in, so here I share some testimonials, that I have received from some of the participating women:



"I participated in Barbara's Prenatal-workshop and left feeling so empowered for what is yet to come in my pregnancy. We ran through how to better understand your pregnancy by connecting with body, mind, and spirit as we venture through this beautiful journey. I could not have asked for a more personal, insightful and thoughtful workshop. From pregnancy yoga basics to diet, nutrition, and self-care, Barbara explained the most important aspects of what to come in an understandable way but with a breadth of knowledge behind it. Not only did we connect, share tea and learn much about what's to come, Barbara also left us with a very detailed brochure with everything we'd discussed and more. I could not recommend this workshop more highly. Thanks, Barbara!" (Sarah)


"Deeply relaxed from Yoga Nidra immersed in theoretical knowledge - I absorbed exactly what I didn't even know and needed. Thank you very much!" (Silja)


"Very relaxed atmosphere, practical tips for yoga practice, very quiet and pleasant time without distracting music, peace and enough time to enjoy. Snacks, drinking and fine group size. Very personal instructions!"  (Alicia)


"It has done very well to be here, thanks for the very useful words, exercises and tips! See you next time." (Hanna)



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