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Staying in the Beingness. Without judgement. This is where the real progress happens.





22.-29. May 2020

Enjoy the journey of discovering your own breath. 

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Prāna is the energy that fills up everything with life and consciousness. It’s the energy behind our breath, that moves our mind and is getting moved by our mind. In Yoga you create space for this energy, harmonize it and let it flow naturally. 

Consciousness in breathing, our intentions, movements and alignments are getting art. 

Prānāyāma is not only to exercise with your breath, but to realize the one thing behind Prāna, that, what “breathes us” - the true self. 

I wish you a wonderful journey!

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, feel free to contact me or write a post in our Facebook Group or by Contact Form on BE IN TOUCH.

Bliss & much Love and Light

Pranayama Workshop with Franzi (english)

22.-28. May 2020



Your teacher:


Franzi was always fascinated by movement and the miracle of the human body, mind and soul. She is trained as a Nurse, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher. Most important for her and her work is the balance and awareness about the uniqueness of every person. In her classes and workshops you are invited to to be who you are and create balance within your mind, soul, body - within your whole life. She recently moved to Vienna, where she is now working as a Yoga Teacher, hosting workshops, classes and cacao ceremonies.






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