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I sing.
I share.
I radiate.

Singing Circles

Singing Circles are magic. They are healing, they allow us to tap easily and with joy into this deep connection with ourselves, with the world around us and the universe. 

We gather to sing together and for sharing. We laugh, we cry, we listen. Nothing else is important. We simply are. 

Sometimes we invite Pacha Mama, our teacher plant (the Holy Cacao from South America) to open our hearts for healing.

We love these gatherings and hope you will love them too.


We will gather.

  • Singing Circle
    Singing Circle
    Fri, 15 Dec
    The Sanctuary
    15 Dec 2023, 17:00 – 20:00
    The Sanctuary, Fuchsthallergasse 11/29, 1090 Wien, Österreich
    15 Dec 2023, 17:00 – 20:00
    The Sanctuary, Fuchsthallergasse 11/29, 1090 Wien, Österreich
    We love to sit and sing in circle listening to inspiring stories, connecting to our higher self, opening our hearts.

What is a Mantra?

The sages of yore recognized the hidden power held in the nucleus of a word. Words can turn our world upside down. They can built it or raze it to the ground.

We have an intricate connection with words. They are our link to the world within and without. It's the energy of the sound that bounds us, with the universal energy around us. Every living entity responds to words spoken with love. 

The word mantra derives from "MANA" (mind) and "TRA" (liberation). Mantra is defined in Sanskrit as "Mananat trayate iti mantrah." This can be translated as: The repetition (mananat) of which you overcome (trayate) the cycles of birth and death is (iti) called mantra. 

Thus singing mantras as part of our yoga practice are another - not so well known - tool for liberating your mind from old pattern. The universe is made of vibration and our minds are filled with words. Everything that we feel and see is made of different vibratory frequencies. Thus words have the power to influence all mental and even physical states. 

Each sound vibration from the mantra chant enlivens a specific part of the human body-mind complex. Knowing this power of words, these ancient seers structured them in the form of mantras so we can tap into the potential of the words to change our mind.

"Thank you.
I feel nourished and touched.
Fabienne, Austria
Bildschirmfoto 2020-09-02 um 21.52.40.png

I release.
I heal.
I let go.

How everything started...

Anne Eck and I (Barbara Probst) are the hosts of these special gatherings that became part of our lives since 2018. The deep heart-connection between us and our shared wish to create time and space for love and connection was the beginning. Our love for music and singing, for being in touch with others made the magic happen.

Since than we happily host Singing Circles - often around full moon or new moon - sometimes with special guests for Cacao Ceremonies. 

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