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I connect.
I give.
I love.


When we gather in close circles we awaken the wisdom in each other’s hearts. Coming together in a safe and nurturing space allows magic to happen. There is deep healing and heart-opening. Two profound pillars of what defines a stable and strong base of our well-being. 

In our daily lives, we are doing too much and missing the time for deep connection. The modern being can happen to be completely overwhelmed, stressed and isolated. A circle or retreat gives you the opportunity to pause, breathe and tap into the incredible potential that lies within. It is a chance to ignite dreams and visions.

A circle is for creating space for yourself. It is for nurturing the relationship you have to yourself and others. Each of us is seen and heard and her/his uniqueness is illuminated. It is a loving, supportive experience beyond what most of us know from the competitive structures we have grown up around. You will be inspired, energized and transformed.

We will gather.

All our circles will be in German and English language.

The power of love.

It is love that keeps us in relationship. More than anything, love is the deep sense of spiritual connection, the sense of being touched, moved and inspired to heights beyond our normal limits. It is a connection with a deep, fundamental truth that runs through all of life and connects us together. Love makes the mundane sacred - so that it is cared for and protected.

When we lose our sense of connection with all life, we have lost the sacred, and we no longer care for and protect that which nourished us. 

Learning to love takes a lot from us: We must be able to feel, we must be able to communicate, we must be able to have our own autonomy and power, and we must be able to see and understand. Most important, we need to relax and let it happen. Sometimes the most profound love we find is one that can simply let things be the way they are. 

Love is not a matter of getting connected, it is a matter of seeing that we already are connected within an intricate web of relationships that extends throughout life. 

Being part of a circle where we sing and drink ceremonial cacao, where we share and simply enjoy being together, will unfold this love within. Every circle is a touching and healing experience. 

We are happy to be your hosts and guides when we gather together.

"Barbara is such a beautiful and wise soul. I have taken Somatic Coaching Sessions with her over many years, and I often come to her Yoga classes.
Even after years, I’m amazed and touched by the depth of her knowledge, her precise intuition and wise empathy. I always learn something new - about myself, about how to listen to my body, how to trust in life, and how to find a loving and mindful attitude towards myself.
She has helped me a great deal with my lower back problems and my migraines. And I’ve had many many precious moments of insight on her table, I weeped deeply and laughed hard (joined instantly by Barbara). Barbara gives me the space to grow, and to just be."
Dirk, Austria

I release.
I heal.
I let go.

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