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Autumn / Winter 

Program 2022

Globally and individually, every-body (and mind) has a lot to process and digest. This years program is a mix of different formats to do yourself good on any level.

You find a new Booking Calendar for Somatic Coaching Sessions with me, regular weekly Yoga Courses (live + some are online), a few Workshops to gather and dive deep into your practice of Yoga + Meditation.

And …I was asked by many of you over the past 2,5 years to host another Silence Retreat. I am so happy that we will leave the busyness of the city mid November to spend 4 days in the mountains. 


Last but not least Anne Eck and I have planned our next Singing Circle end of October, and I am happy to present a new format to you: Women Circle - The Red Tent. We will gather at new or full moon. The first Red Tent will be end of September. 


You will find all the detailed information on the new website. 


Scroll and click through the different services for you and your beloved ones. If you find any „little mistakes“ - I apologize: I am still working to finish the last bits of this new website to offer you the freedom to move through this platform as smooth as possible. 

I am looking forward being in touch with you soon.















BE IN TOUCH is a sanctuary of healing, arising from the joy of being alive and feeling free by Barbara Probst, a Somatic Coach and Yoga Teacher.


It is a place of coming together that is physical, emotionally balancing, and stillness-giving. It is supported by the powerful wisdoms that arise from meditation and self-practice, gained by many generations of yogis and healing practitioners ahead of our times.

The first core principle ​in Somatic Coaching is to feel. The moment you feel yourself is when you become aware of what is. This plays an essential role for re-connecting with your body and bodily sensations. The ability of (re-)sensing allows your body and mind to understand, to release tension and stress as well as freeing your movement and action. 


I believe that together we can create change much easier and in a more professional, richer and diverse scope than alone.

We can either share the working space together. There is space available at BE IN TOUCH. 


Or we can collaborate professionally:

All of you who still have a valid Yoga-Block: Your remaining hours will be offset against the new course price.

Welcome home.

Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-30 um

Enjoy scrolling through the new website, discover what fits to you and what meets your interests.

I have just listed a few workshops and gatherings that are coming up this Autumn / Winter 2022.

Thank you for being such wonderful clients and yoga students, most of you for many years now. I feel very blessed and grateful for being able to guide and support you on your way through life.

I am looking forward to really go deep with all of you, to not waste an time for what is important to you and yet to work from a base and place of trust in life, that is unshakable. 






30.DECEMBER 2020

We have the power to support the well-being of women when we gather.

#womenscircle #fullmoonritual

#openheart #release #refocus

(In German + English)


About once a month we invite you and inspiring people for us to the BE IN TOUCH Women's Circle. Every meeting is a gift to you and to your being a woman. A Women's Circle has a very special energy and quality, as there is a unique connection between us women that becomes tangible once we meet. 

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

In the women's circles, which can be shorter or longer, we want to spend time together on a certain topic, partly practical, partly theoretical, in an exchange. Every woman is given her space, every woman is seen and heard. We meet in respectful love for healing old wounds and for growing in harmony. 

The women's circles are for all women, of all ages and circumstances, who wish to be in contact with other women.

This time Katharina will guide us through a full moon ritual with slow movement, journaling and meditation. The last full moon of this year invites us to look not just at the last lunar cycle but also at the past twelve months; so that we can reflect on what we want to let go and what we want to bring more of into our lives. RELEASE & REFOCUS. We will work together and exchange ideas in a protected and secure space in the digital group.  

Thank you.



About 15 years ago Katharina left her first yoga class feeling completely at peace within herself. Until today it is her wish to share this feeling of reconnecting with one’s body and breath in her yoga lessons. In 2019 she completed her Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training in Cologne and started teaching right afterwards. In her classes you find a space to reunite with your body, mind and breath, through concsious asana practice, pranayama and meditation. Each class has a theme on which Katharina shares her individual experiences and invites you to practice mindfulness and oneness together.

START: 6pm

FINISH: 7:30pm 



Follow the instructions as given.

We kindly ask you to REGISTER as our places are limited!








Make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing.

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