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I move.
I breath.
I am.

Healing Yoga

Yoga was created as a science of liberation, but in modern times it is used by many to improve physical and mental health, helping us become more productive at work, more caring in relationships, more responsible contributors to society, and better inhabitants of this planet. 

If Yoga does accomplish all that, how exactly does it work?

Let's practice.

Summerbreak: JULY + AUGUST 2022

I rise.
I grow.
I surrender.

Yoga as a path.

Through practicing yoga and breathing, we clean our body internally, and strengthen the muscles, bones, internal organs, nervous system, mind and emotions. Yoga first and foremost is a practice. The yogis considered that we should practice yoga in the same way and with the same importance that we brush our teeth each day.

A little bit of practice goes a long way. By doing a regular practice, we develop a trait of awareness that is calm, has perspective and can help to pause, so that we do not get swept away by overwhelming emotions. These traits of insight are the true goal of yoga.

The ability to stick with something that is difficult, and to do it with a clam mind, is one of the primary principles of yoga practice. Through gradual mastery we develop an ease of effort. According to Patanjali, this is one of the principal benefits of practicing postures: that through them, we will be able to withstand the ups and downs of life with a calm mind and with fortitude.

Through postures, breathing and focused attention, yoga effectively balances the brain functions and nervous system. Through yoga our brain is given proper support. It helps to restore the homeostatic functions that keep blood pressure at normal levels. Yoga balances our level of stress, particularly through breathing. It helps to down-regulate the parts of the brain and endocrine system that are responsible for hormonal release of adrenaline and cortisol.

While it is not a cure-all for every disease, what yoga essentially does is act as an internal balancing act for our brain, nervous system and cellular mechanisms. It restores functions that are out of alignment toward a state of balance. The body is intelligent; it knows what it needs to do. If we have a disease that is not a dysfunction of our lifestyle, diet or habit, we can still use yoga and lifestyle to help support the body's healing capacities. 

In a nutshell, yoga supports your self-regulation.

Deepen your practice.

All our classes, workshops, retreats and circles will be conducted in German and English language.













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Your space for mindfulness.

With any of our services, we aim to open the doors for self-awareness and self-care. We believe that any conscious action done with love and care, supports you on your journey through life. 

Once embarked on this path of mindfulness, there is no way back. We happily guide you with our experience. We will remind you and inspire you to keep going. You will be surprised how fast your self-love and well-being will grow.

"Many Thanks for this great workshop about "What is Yoga?"
this weekend.
Through your authentic attitude you have inspired me very much and encouraged me to also seek a piece of this yoga lifestyle for myself. I realized that yoga is much more than the asanas and finding peace through meditation. 

I hope to continue to learn much from you;
now that I have found you as my guru.
Thank you."
Maria, Austria

The studio space.

Raum für Neues is a quiet little oasis above the roofs of Vienna. It is located in the city centre near Volksoper. And Seminarraum Queerbau is a new rooftop space at Seestadt.


Both locations offer space for small groups of around 5-18 people. This gives you the chance to be guided well. This setting follows the more traditional way of how Yoga was originally taught: from guru to student. 

Everybody needs different guidelines and every body needs different adjustments. The given setting offers to our teachers the chance to hold a space for practicing Yoga safely and gives you the possibility to really dive deep into your self-practice and understanding of this amazing holistic system called Yoga.

We are happy to share our calm space (Raum für Neues) with you.


If you are interested, write us at:

I am dedicated.
I am practicing.
I am happy.

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