Do less with more focus.


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Everybody who has ever been practicing Yoga together with me knows that I love this simple routine of the traditional SUN SALUTATION practice.


In this workshop, we will focus on "finding your SURYA NAMASKAR". There are many ways you can practice this routine as well as different intentions you can set for your practice. We will touch a few of them and experience the difference in their quality.




18. OCTOBER 2019

Each morning we are born again. What we do today matters most.

Once you start doing it you will feel the changes in your body and mind. How? You will be more effective, have a sharper mind and clearer vision, you will find easier back to your balance and be more at ease with any challenge that you encounter. Keeping a daily practice is a crucial part of unfolding the power of yoga. This is often a big hurdle in our everyday life. This workshop teaches you how to establish a daily practice and the steps necessary to do this. Throughout the workshop, I will show you how unique your Surya Namaskar can be - according to your personal needs. This workshop aims to be a deepening and provides time for personal adjustments and needs. This way it will differ from what you learn in regular Yoga-Asana classes. Yoga is a very individual process, which is why every Student of Yoga has traditionally been taught his routine (in secret) from his Guru.


This workshop will be an informative + practical meeting for all who:

- want to turn their YOGA practice into a daily routine

- want to understand the wider practice and meaning of YOGA

- are looking for variations of the SURYA NAMASKAR for all different kind of circumstances

- are interested in the long-term effects of yoga (this time focusing on Surya-Namaskar practice).



Join this 2hr workshop to learn how you can make the best use for you from the sequence of the SURYA NAMASKAR for your daily Yoga-Practice.



START: 18pm

FINISH: 20pm