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My tools are
my hands,
my heart and
my mind.



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At the moment I am on maternity leave - that is why I may answer a little bit delayed. If you want to start continue your process with Somatic Coaching Sessions you cab contact me and we will find someone fitting while I am on maternity leave.

Both methods (SOMATIC COACHING + HATHA YOGA) that I am teaching are holistic ways of becoming aware of the emotions, actions, beliefs and needs that manifest themselves in one's body and mind. As these techniques are not falling under the umbrella of „treatment“ but „education“, it depends mainly upon you to undertake what is necessary for you to improve. I am happily guiding you through your own personal adventure. 







Throughout our life we encounter challenges on a daily basis, we fall and rise

with every step. The path through LIFE IS A LEARNING PATH. 


But why do some people suffer and others don’t?

Why do some people have fears and pains and others don't?

Why do we loose or have to let go and others get a gift from life?


It all depends on the attitude with which we face our personal challenges and on the expectations about these challenges and those lying ahead of us.


What is my attitude or how do I see myself when facing a challenge?

What are my expectations? What is it that I am clinging on, I am most attached to?

What is the fear behind my attachment? Why am I afraid of letting go this attitude, the expectation of perspective about the challenging situation I am in now?


Walking along a path where you start changing your attitude from being a victim, a perfectionist or king to become a student of life, somebody who wants to learn, who accepts his deepest fears, bit by bit you will gain experiences enabling you to differentiate between what is and what is not. Your vision and attitude towards challenges will transform and you will realize why others don't suffer. The result is clarity, which, in turn, sharpens your awareness on many levels and results in a healthy state of mind and body. 


The way out of suffering is paved through a continues oscillation between practice and reflection.


Your life will become simpler and more meaningful.






If you are interested in having me as a speaker, educator or trainer for your event, retreat, location, Congress, organization 

get in touch with me.​​


I also offer body therapy sessions in each city in case you can provide a quiet room or closed area (ideally but not necessarily with a massage table).




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