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I breath.
I smile.
I am.


Silence Retreat

This Retreat will be in German language. If you only speak English - you are more than welcome and we are happy to provide the course in both languages.


My Healing Days - Silence Retreat




Schafferalm, STMK

Adresse: Schafferalm, Preßnitzgraben 23, 8713 St. Stefan ob Leoben, Austria


For everybody (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced Yogis, Pregnant Women,...)

Don't hesitate to ask if you are not sure!


650€ (Course and Course Material)


560€ (Accomodation in 2-3 Bed Rooms, vegan Meals + Snacks)

The travel (by train/taxi or car) is not included in the price.

Registration: at the bottom!

The breath is the key.

Meditation and Yoga go together very well: Yoga offers a wonderful way to introduce you to being mindful and aware of your body, breath and mind. Meditation calms your body and mind and balances the soul. It is a concentration technique that can be learned by anyone, as you only need your breath and youself.

Meditation enables you to arrive in the here and now. This has the effect that your own thought pauses will be expanded. Your restless mind become slower or stops for a certain time. While following your breath with your attention, your head will feel emptier and freer again.

Both ancient techniques, Yoga and meditation, are beneficial for the whole body-mind-complex. The Silence Retreat has the capacity to create a "needed break" from your daily life and thought pattern. It also allows you to recharge energy and joy, while spending some days for yourself, within a "save space". You give time to what needs time, now.

I invite you to put yourself and your needs in the first place and to bring patience, interest and a relaxed persistence. With each breath and with each step you can re-connect and rest again.