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I touch.
I feel.
I am.


Be in touch.

BE IN TOUCH is a sanctuary of healing, born out of the joy of being alive and feeling free by Barbara Walkowiak, a passionate Somatic Coach and Yoga Teacher.


It is a place of coming together that is physical, emotionally balancing and stillness giving. It is sustained by the powerful wisdom that has come from meditation and self-practice, gained from many generations of yogis and healers before our time.

Together we can learn, together we can understand and create change. As humans, we are moving in constant change. Every new situation, each challenge and crisis holds the potential for personal growth. From the beginning until the end we remain students of life. We will encounter each other in respect for the different, the new, and the unknown. Each shared moment is meant to be nourishing and inspiring.

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Be your body.

Being aware of your body is an essential key to your health and well-being. Body attention is the base from which transformation can happen and it plays an important role for every recovery process. Listening well to your body’s signals will pave the way for a healthy and fulfilled life.​

Every body is perfect and healthy in its basic constitution. This core status of our being is a source from which we can always draw. It serves us as a deeply nourishing place and refuge of stillness to which we can return to when we need it.

I listen.
I nourish.
I flow.

Our service to you.

All our services are available in German and English language.

I will be on Summer Holiday: 24.7. -2.9.2024



22.11. - 29.11.2024

Winter Retreat

Yoga, Meditation, Natur

Information will be online soon.

Science at work.

Our body is precisely the medium of exchange with this field of awareness we call life. We express ourselves through our bodies. Every movement wires our nervous system (neurons) and our brain. Each new movement that an infant learns to do, creates a pathway in the brain, which also reflects how information is processed in the brain. 

Feelings and mental characteristics that we think of as existing in the mind, exist equally in the body. Organs, emotions, thought patterns, and temperament are interconnected. By working with our bodies, we work with the mind, heart, and emotions at the same time.

Freedom from disease means that our body can remain in a state of health because our immune system is resilient, and our physiological systems - cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive, endocrine and so forth - are functioning properly. A strong immune system is also linked to a mind that is positive, calm, accepting, filled with gratitude, and therefore able to manage stress.

In regard to the nervous system, many of the diseases that ravage civilized society today (diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, depression,...) are caused by stress. They are largely preventable. Our body has an enormous capacity to correct and heal itself.

Body attention and breath have both a tremendous influence on our nervous system. This is where our body's internal balance and autocorrect mechanism - called homeostasis - lives. Strengthening and balancing the nervous system is a key component of physical and emotional health. 

Any holisitic health system (including Yoga, Ayurveda and many more) considers, that it is one of our basic responsibilities to care for the homes that we inhabit - our bodies.

My space. My time.

Space and time are two of our core values. They are essential sources for mental, emotional and physical well-being. 


We belief that given the needed space and time in combination with professional guidance, many symptoms and problems solve themselves. Our body does his work of self-healing best, when we create space for what is painful or fearful and allow self-regulation in its own time.

All services we offer include space and time for your personal process of recovery and transformation.

"The sessions, trainings and retreats I have done with Barbara have been so diverse, wonderful, quiet, intense, gentle and sometimes really magical.
She has such a great gift to feel and touch on so many levels, with so much love and appreciation. I was able to work through and heal many old issues, arriving more and more within myself and much more.
I am so very grateful to her for the many hours together and recommend her to everyone who wants to be more anchored in themselves, in their body and heart again."
Claudia, Austria

Studio space for work and events.

We are happy to share our calm space "The Sanctuary" with you. You can rent our studio by the hour or by the day. Use it for your work or privately.

For creative work, photo-shootings, events, meetings and workshops.

If you are interested, please contact us at

  • Total studio rent is 20€/hour (The exact price list will be sent on request.)

  • 98m2 studio (2 rooms with 25m2 each, entrance, bathroom/toilet, kitchen)

  • Central location

  • An oasis above the rooftops of Vienna, well linked to public transport


  • Depending on the event, we will charge an additional cleaning fee of 30€

If you are interested, write us at:

News in a letter.

You are a lover of letters? Do you need a reminder by e-mail?

Or do you simply want to be informed about the services and special events​?

Click here and you will receive our quarterly letter with all the information:

I breathe.
I move.
I am.

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